Studenten Net Twente Syscom information

Matrix homeserver

The homeserver for is provided by Studenten Net Twente at the University of Twente.

Registration is open for anyone: just use as the homeserver URL or use the Riot web interface at

To see how SNT handles your data, read the privacy policy.


Questions or remarks should be directed to


  • No abuse. This is a rule which describes many actions. Always try to use your common sense.

  • Fair use. Try to keep the use of our resources within reasonable limits. Remember that we have to store all messages you receive.

  • Bots are allowed with the following conditions:

    • The username has to end in bot (eg. my_bot).
    • Respect the privacy of others.

Every admin has the right to take actions as they see fit. These actions are not open for debate.

Keep in mind: use of this homeserver is a privilege, not a right!