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Privacy policy for the SNT Matrix service

Studenten Net Twente (SNT) offers use of a Matrix Homeserver, as detailed on the information page about the matrix homeserver. This is referred to as the service.

This page describes what is processed and how this affects personal data. This document can be modified at any time for clarification, correction or to reflect the changing requirements of the service.

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TL;DR: we only process what is necessary to make the homeserver and the Matrix network work.

What we process

In order to provide the Matrix homeserver, Studenten Net Twente (SNT) processes personal data under Legitimate Interest. The processing of this data is required for providing the service. It will only be used for this purpose.

Data can be retrieved, modified and deleted using the Matrix Client-Server API. For easy access the web-client on can be used. This is the preferred way for exercising your rights of rectification and erasure, and data portability.

SNT processes this data in the Netherlands, but data shared to different servers and/or services may be processed elsewhere. See Sharing information.

Complaints can be directed to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Account information

The following information will be processed when provided to us:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Display name (optional)
  • E-mail addresses
  • Phone number (optional)

The following information will be processed automatically:

  • Device description
  • Device public key (optional)
  • Device user agent
  • IP address

Your username and password are used for account identification and authorisation.

Your email addresses, and/or phone number, if provided, are used to allow lookups of your account using these means. The email address can also be used for account recovery, notifications or to contact you when deemed necessary.

The display name is used to allow you to allow you to identify yourself to others.

The device description, user agent and IP address are used for management of devices and to allow you to audit access to your account. The device description in conjunction with the device public key is used to facilitate end-to-end encryption.

Your username (as part of the user ID), display name, device description and device public key can be shared over the wider ecosystem, as described in Sharing information.


SNT stores and distributes messages and files shared by using this homeserver. This content can be shared over the wider Matrix ecosystem, as described in Sharing information.

This information will contain any personal data that you choose to share.

Sharing information

By taking a part in the Matrix ecosystem, information may be shared with parties all over the world. Described below are the situations in which this will occur.


Matrix homeservers connect and share user data with other Matrix homeservers over federation. This occurs in the following situations:

  • When you participate (eg: joining or sharing information) in a room, a copy of associated data is sent to all participants. These participants may be located on different homeservers, which will replicate this data to other homeservers.
  • Requests for modification or deletion of your data will be forwarded to other homeservers, but compliance to this request cannot be guaranteed.
  • Federated homeservers can be located anywhere in the world, and are subject to their local laws and regulations.

Your personal data can be protected by using end-to-end encryption. We highly recommend using this feature when possible.


Some Matrix rooms are connected (bridged) to third-party services like IRC networks, other chat services (eg: Slack, Telegram), twitter or even email. This duplicates your information on that service.

  • All data shared via such bridged third-party services is subject to the policies and technical limitations of the third-party services.
  • Bridged third-party services can be located anywhere in the world, and are subject to their local laws and regulations.
  • Requests for modification or deletion of your data will be forwarded to these bridged third-party services. These services are expected to honour this data to the best of their ability, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Integrations (bots and widgets)

Bots (automated participants in rooms) and Widgets (miniature web applications) have access to all messages and files in rooms in which they participate. As bots and widgets are often third-party, SNT has no control over their use of the data.

We recommend to engage with room administrators to only allow bots and widgets which respect your privacy.