Studenten Net Twente Syscom information

Matrix IRCnet bridge

This bridge is provided by Studenten Net Twente at the University of Twente.


The official support room is on Matrix, which is bridged to #matrix-irc on IRCnet.


The rules that apply to IRC clients also apply to bridged Matrix users. Take note of the following:

  • Only 2 connections per person allowed. Please note that this is not per host, but per person, and goes for the total amount on the entire IRC network.

  • No bots! They will be removed from this server without hesitation. The ONLY exception are bots for which the owner asked permission. See for more information

  • No abuse. This is a rule which describes many actions. Always try to use your common sense.


Also check the end user FAQ for all Matrix-IRC bridges. The appservice user for this bridge is

How can I join channel #channel on Matrix?


Can join an invite-only channel?

Yes, but SNTMatrixBot needs to be invited to the channel.

Can I bridge an existing Matrix room?

Yes, but not via the integration settings in Riot. The integration can be performed manually via the provisioning API of the appservice. Note that this is entirely at your own peril.

The steps are roughly as follows:

  1. Invite the bot to the IRC channel if the channel is invite-only.

  2. Perform an HTTP request with the following data (with the relevant information replaced) to

     "remote_room_server": "",
     "remote_room_channel": "#channel",
     "matrix_room_id": "!room_id",
     "op_nick": "IRCNickWithOp",
     "user_id": ""

    Continue with the next steps while this request is being performed.

  3. Invite IRCnet Integration ( on the Matrix side.

  4. Give IRCnet Integration a power level that is able to change the permissions in the room (100 by default).

  5. SNTMatrixBot should join and leave the IRC channel.

  6. IRCnet Integration should join the Matrix room.

  7. The IRC channel operator specified with op_nick will receive a PM in order to finalize the bridge.

Retry all above steps when errors occur.